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Surpass Teaming Stations

Surpass Teaming Stations

Surpass Benching with Include Storage

Surpass Benching with Include Storage

Surpass Private Office

Surpass Private Office

Surpass 4 Station Benching

Surpass 4 Station Benching

Surpass Blended with Prefix

Surpass Blended with Prefix

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Smart. Inside and Out.

Surpass freestanding desking offers solid construction with almost unlimited versatility and flexibility. You can build a private office, collaborative teaming station, benching solution or combine it with Prefix or Emerge for more privacy. The heavy-duty steel construction and modular design means that Surpass can be reconfigured as your needs change and still perform in any office environment. Available in all of Maxon's fabrics and finishes, Surpass look good long after it's installed and in use. And, of course, it's backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Overview
  • Technical Specs

Simple to Specify

Choose your worksurface shape and desking configuration. Surpass offers a wide range of high-pressure laminate worksurfaces. Mix and match the worksurfaces to make a single office or a series or workstations.

Worksurfaces are available in T-Mold, Solid or Woodgrain Edgeband finishes. Worksurfaces feature threaded metal inserts for durability and ease of reconfiguration.

Support kits for the worksurfaces come with everything including hardware. Pick the support to match the configuration.

Add storage such as overhead cabinets on hutches, storage towers, or under-desk files and pedestals.

Accessories such as privacy screens and tool rails with hanging accessories add functionality and personalize a work space.

Pick the finishes for Surpass from a variety of paint, laminate, tackboard fabrics and glass.


Steel construction means Surpass' support kits will last.

Support kits contain the support structure and all hardware needed. No need to search for parts and pieces to put the workstation together.

Modesty panels are available in full and half modesty with a sound-dampening option. Mix and match sound-dampening with standard for a value-engineered workstation.

Specify an open end leg to add a clean, modern look to the workstation.

Electrical and data is routed within the support structure and small, discreet power modules mounted just under the worksurface allow users to easily plug in and power up.


Add overhead storage with an open hutch or one with flat or curved door option.

Accessory rails attach to the hutch tackboard, bringing everyday tools within reach.

Lateral files with worksurface tops add collaborative workspace and storage for shared resources.

Add pedestals or towers for even more storage space.

Environmentally Friendly

Surpass' worksurfaces and storage have received SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certification for indoor air quality.

The Surpass desking system is level® 2 Certified.

Powder coat paint finishes are applied in a special chamber that continuously collects excess paint particles so they can be reused.

Our supplier certification program indentifies companies with environmental goals similar to Maxon's.

Our products utilize steel and aluminum that contain post-consumer materials and are recyclable.

Our packaging contains recycled material is recyclable, while our bulk pack option reduces the overall amount of packaging and thus transportation needed.

Worksurface Specifications

Worksurfaces use 1 1/8" thick high-density particleboard.

Top surfaces are high pressure laminate and the undersides have a moisture-resistant backing to prevent warping. Total thickness 1 3/16".

Desk shells are 29 ¼" tall.

Worksurfaces are available in T-Mold (with ½" radius corners) or Edgeband edge treatments (with a squared edge).

Worksurfaces include 3 ½" x 2" rectangular grommets with caps.

Worksurfaces include pre-installed metal inserts for end supports. Modesty panels attached with wood screws.

Meets or exceeds all ANSI-BIFMA standards.

Corner Desk Specifications

Straight Front Corners

Point-to-Point straight front for 24"x36", 24"x42", 30"x42" and 30"x48" corner; Wings on 24"x48", 24"x60" and 30"x60".

Radius Front Corner - 11" radius on all corners.

Grain direction runs diagonally along worksurface (directional laminates only).

Modesty Panel Specifications

Shells, returns, and bridge tops with modesty panels feature horizontal and vertical wire management trays.

Surpass modesty panels are constructed of two pieces of commercial grade steel sandwiching a structural (foam) core for strength rigidity and sound-absorption.

Modesty panels are available in full-height (27 ½") and half-height (14") for access to wall electrical.

For adequate clearance of files, specify storage component depths that are at least 6" less than the understructure depth.

End Support and Bridging Bracket Specifications

End panels and bridging brackets are symmetrical and may be used for right- or left-hand support at any time. C-Legs can be configured for right- or left-hand applications at the time the units are assembled during installation.

The Peninsula shell supports consist of one 12" end panels, one support leg end panel and one round column leg.

Corner Desk shell supports include two 12" support legs and one corner leg support for the back corner.

Storage Hutch Specifications

Storage Hutches are 35¾" high x 14" deep and, when installed, have a floor to top-of-hutch height of 65". The vertical side supports are constructed of 20 gauge formed steel. All hutches have a matching width, fully enclosed storage bin. Hutch bin bases and lids are constructed of 16 gauge formed steel. All points of connection in the assembly are steel-to-steel for added strength and durability.

Storage Hutches may be ordered with an open back. Epoxy-finished metal backs with a fabric surfaced tackboards are also available as an option. Backs and tackboards are also available for retrofit applications.

Surpass Hutches will accept task lights. Personal Accessory Rails are also available for use with the hutches to accommodate our complete line of paper management trays, bins, and other storage components.

On 54"- 72" hutches, both hutch doors are automatically keyed alike. Beyond that, all pairs of keyed locks installed on hutch doors are randomly keyed, with no attempt to assure either the same or different keying between different hutch units.

Hutch doors may be keyed-alike to match floor pedestal or lateral file lock.

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