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Emerge 4-Station Height Adjustable Tables

Emerge 4-Station Height Adjustable Tables

Emerge 4-Station HAT with Include Storage

Emerge 4-Station HAT with Include Storage

Emerge 4-Station with White Boards

Emerge 4-Station with White Boards

Emerge Private Office Configuration

EMERGE Private Office Configuration: Finish 1

Emerge Private Office Configuration

EMERGE Private Office: Finish 2

Emerge Private Office

See how your finish selections change the tone of your environment?

Emerge Collaboration Station

Emerge Collaboration Station

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Emerge with Peace of Mind

Designed with the flexibility to change over time and durability for long lasting service, Emerge is the frame and tile solution for many environments. The steel construction, variety of fabric and finish options, ease of installation and reconfiguration gives you peace of mind for changes ahead.

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  • Overview
  • Technical Specs

Expanded panel-height capabilities

From an Emerge Base panel, you can stack up to 3 stacking frames in 15”H increments, up to 110”H to create private offices.

Constructed of durable steel, panel-mounted overhead storage features painted, hinged and sliding door options; while providing additional organizational features and functionality for your workspace.

Emerge offers an extensive selection of frame and tile solutions in countless combinations with fabric, laminate, and glass options that coordinate with open plan workstations.

Engineered to last, designed to perform.

Solid, stackable steel frames are designed to be flexible and durable, while allowing reconfiguration of workspaces without the purchase of additional components.

Non-sequential fabric tiles are interchangeable to allow your workspace to change as your business does.

Emerge Tile Segmentation Bar delivers superior fit and finish with consistent alignment between tiles.

Extensive electrical and data capabilities

Technology Tiles allow for easy, one-step access to power and data at desktop height for cell phones, laptops and other frequently used devices.

Lay-in cabling allows easy access through the top channel or hinged raceway. Easy accessibility of the top channel allows fast field installation.

Electrical harnesses come in double-block with access on both sides of panel for up to 4 duplex outlets per panel, or value driven single block harness with access on both sides for up to 2 duplex outlets per panel.


• Panels are available in six standard widths (24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”) and four standard heights (35”, 42”, 50”, 65”).
• 15” H stacking frame can build on panels up to 110” heights.
• Panel fabric surfaces are removable without tools and fit securely back in place.
• Panels are 2.5” thick, and have a 1.75” wide open, unobstructed interior cavity for cable management and storage.
• Technology tiles for segmented and monolithic panels include electrical or data port access.
• Panel frames have uprights at each end with slotting in 1” vertical increments.
• Tiles are offered in the following surface options: (fabric, glass, technology, and laminate).

Construction and Installation

• Panels connect with screws to attach all panels and posts. Connections are metal-to-metal between panels.
• Every change of direction adds 2.75” to the panel run.
• Panels have a concealed interior frame constructed of roll-formed steel horizontal members with vertical roll-formed structural steel.
• Panel-to-panel connections create two columns of slots between panels. Worksurfaces, storage and accessories can be hung on the slots in any 1” vertical increment.
• Emerge trim, top caps, raceway covers and finish parts are made of metal. There is no external plastic trim on Emerge panels.
• All panel frames include factory installed steel raceway covers.

Power and Communications System

• All electrical system components are UL listed (File E-113033).
• 8-Wire/4-circuit electrical system can provide a 3 utility + 1 isolated or 2 utility + 2 isolated configurations.
• Base panels include a 2.5”D x 3.125”H baseline raceway for routing power, data and communications. Bottom-hinged base metal raceway cover includes laser cutouts for duplexes and data faceplates, and open and snap securely shut when closed.
• Base raceways have lay-in wire management capabilities. Utilize 58 Cat. 6 data cables when power is not installed.
• Base raceway accommodates up to 18 each Cat. 5E or Cat. 6 cables with power components in place.
• Panels 30” or wider will accommodate up to four base line duplexes per panel (2 duplexes per side). All duplex knockouts can be used for data if not used for power duplex.
• 24”W base panels will accommodate up to two baseline duplexes (1 duplex per side).
• Standard fabric surfaced tiles are constructed of a .25” fiberglass and are fully tackable with metal frame construction on all four sides.

Worksurfaces and Supports

• Worksurfaces come standard with wire management scallops.
• Worksurfaces, are available in three edge details (T-mold, Edgeband, and Wood Look Edgeband.) Available in over 250 shapes and sizes.
• Worksurfaces have a durable, high-pressure, scratch-resistant Wilsonart laminate on 1.125” particleboard and include a .026” high-pressure backer to seal each surface and prevent warping.
• Worksurfaces can be hung on panels in 1” vertical increments. Wall-mount supports are also available.
• Worksurface support options include cantilevered brackets, end panels, C-legs, floor pedestals and lateral files.
• Panels and panel-mounted worksurfaces are aesthetically, dimensionally and functionally compatible with Maxon freestanding desk products.

Panel Mounted Overhead Storage

• Overhead storage is a available in all standard panel widths.
• All overhead storage has 18 gauge steel end panels with universal hanging brackets designed to hang from the slotted vertical panel frame in 1” increments.
• Shelves, lids, and back strips are formed from 20 gauge steel. Units are welded and completely assembled.
• Cabinets are 15”H and 14”D (inside dimensions: 12.75”x13.25”).
• Cabinets can be mounted off-modular (cabinet cannot be over 18” larger than the panel it is mounted). Hinged Cabinet doors are 22 gauge steel painted doors. All hinged doors come standard with a core removable lock and are secured to the cabinet top with ball-bearing flip-up slides. EasyAssist hinges with gas-asist cylinder to prevent door slamming are optional. Steel sliding door option provides an aesthetic and functional alternative to overhead cabinets.
• Under shelf task lighting is available.

Performance and Approvals

• Product line meets or exceeds all ANSI/ BIFMA standards.
• Panels are UL Listed (Standard 1286; File E-113033).
• Limited Lifetime Warranty.
• Fabric tiles have a class “A” flame rating.
• STC Rating of 13.
• All fabric surfaced tackable panels have a NRC rating of .70.
• The Emerge panel system (excluding laminate tiles) is SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified.
• The Emerge panel system is BIFMA level 3 certified.

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